Bhutan has pulled off an achievement that is sure to be the envy of the world.

Over the last week, the Himalayan kingdom vaccinated just over 85 per cent of its eligible population, administering more than 454,000 jabs.

“We had a group of some 15 to 20,000 volunteers who did all the non-medical work, they transported the vaccines across various mountains,” said Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering.

The surgeon turned Prime Minister spoke to RN Drive about how the country has relied on donated vaccines, a strategy that was put at risk when neighbouring country India experienced their latest surge in cases.

“We felt bad, and his Majesty was very clear that we should not this time around ask the government of India for any vaccine support, because they themselves needed it more than us,” said Prime Minister Tshering.

Guest: Dr Lotay Tshering, Prime Minister of Bhutan


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