Health Minister says party news ‘was based on information we had at the time’

Ms D’Ath is defending Queensland Health’s information that one of the positive cases held a party with 25 people after taking a test – which is incorrect, police say.

“This gentleman, [Health officials] say that is what they understood he had told them. I understand that as time has gone on overnight, there has been a further investigation, independent investigation from what the gentleman had said, whether it was a misunderstanding at the time or what it was, I cannot tell you.

“But that is what the Health officials who originally spoke to this gentleman, when they first picked him up, that is what they understood had been said and that had to be acted on quickly. And the police have independently investigated and of course, the gentleman has been cooperative with all of the contact tracing and it has been clarified that the people that were there are predominantly residents.

“It was important information that we put out, based on the facts we had at the time, because if we had not, and that had gone out in some other way, then we would not be transparent about what we knew. We were told at the time there were 25 people who attended … we needed to investigate, track those 25 people down and get them into quarantine. 

“What we’ve identified through the investigation and what police have found and Health have found is thankfully, it was not 25 people.


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