History and foundations of Well Received

Well Received s a remote customer service company founded in the United States. Well Received It specializes in the healthcare industry and provides the highest quality of care to both patients and medical practices in need of administrative services. Well Received the company is based in Oregon and employs experienced medical customer service professionals. Well Received the company’s mission is to provide personalized care and professional management of the administrative portion of medical clinics while maintaining a human, empathetic approach to the client so they will be well received!

Virtual Reception at a high level

At WELLReceived, you get access to telephone support for Patients by qualified Virtual Assistants. The line is open to Patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Well Received all so that your customers receive the care they need whenever they need it as well as you need it. Urgent calls can be routed directly to you by our medical receptionists. Well Received you can count on the fact that thanks to their knowledge, the assistants will be able to assess whether the situation is so serious that the patient requires your personal consultation with you, or whether an answer from the Reception will suffice. In addition, Well Received provides bilingual service in English and Spanish.

Automation and online calendar

WELLReceived is not just about telephone service, but also about access to a range of facilitation and automation of services. Well Received assistants answer phones in a state-of-the-art call center and offer Video Chat and live text chat services with patients. Additionally, you get access to an automated platform for quick and easy appointments. Well Received with the mobile app, you can have your calendar and access to online practice with you at all times, plus your schedule can be integrated across multiple platforms in real-time.

Flexibility and security

WELLReceived does not require you to sign long contracts and commit to a multi-month agreement. The fee you pay is based on the monthly volume of calls handled and you only pay for the service you need. An added advantage is that there are no higher or additional charges for after-hours or weekend service. Consultants offer service to customers according to the highest standards to protect their HIPAA privacy. They also work according to the scripts you require to provide the highest quality of service tailored to your specific clinic. This makes it so you not only get help managing your practice, but you can grow it in the direction you’ve chosen and become better every day. Furthermore, if you’re looking for safe features, you can be sure of the security of your data due to the advanced encryption mode. Your practice will be very well received!